Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Free Tools and Utilities Are Still Cool to Use on Windows OS

There are plenty of free tools and utilities available on Internet to make your life easy and Windows OS usage easy. Some of them will be helpful to organize the desktop, start menu, system clean up, increase productivity. Some of the free tools will replace even paid software.

Windows 8 and Windows 7 already came with few free great utilities like notepad, WordPad, Windows defender Antivirus and built in firewall, MS paint and picture viewing and editing software. But as we said earlier, there are free great simple tools available to make your Windows PC more interesting and useful.  You can find more about free tools and wallpapers download sites here at

As you are aware Microsoft recommends installing 3rd party antivirus software to protect your Windows PC completely from virus and online threats, you can find the 3 best antivirus software here.

As normal computer users we do require good word processing tools, protection software like Antivirus, anti spam and personal firewall software, good CD/DVD writing software, a basic photo editing software and a media player which should play most of the audio and video formats. Believe me, you can find decent and good free software in these all categories and install them on Windows PC.

BNsofts will be covering most of these free tools and how to install and use them on Windows computers. Also, if you wish to see some of the famous and free software for Windows computers you can check this great site.

Even though these software claim as free but you have to be very careful while installing.  Some of the software will install extra tools or advertising pop ups during the installation. Install these free tools carefully by checking each step, read and select the options only appropriate for you.  Therefore always check about the software vendor and read user comments/reviews about the software and it’s performance.

It’s always recommended to install free tools only from famous software vendors or famous open project community.
You can always completely uninstall and remove free software if you think they are not useful or misbehaving with your computer Operating systems and existing applications.  Make sure to uninstall from control panel, delete all related files and any browser tools bars.

We are sure this small post would be helpful and identify the best free software and computer tools which can be installed on Windows 8 or Windows computers.

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